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Carphone Warehouse tariff claim ‘misled’

Pay-as-you-go Fresh tariff wasn't 'UK's cheapest'


A mobile phone.

Carphone Warehouse has been rapped by advertising watchdogs for claiming it offered the ‘UK’s cheapest pay as you go network’.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said the boast was misleading because it was based on unfair comparisons which excluded cheaper tariffs – and the store had failed to make this clear.

Carphone Warehouse published the advert for its Fresh mobile phone network in its ‘Buyer’s Guide’. A table showed the price for calls and texts compared with several different networks including Tesco Mobile Standard. Fresh was the cheapest package shown. In small print was a list of exclusions.

Tesco complained

Tesco objected, saying that the claim ‘UK’s cheapest pay as you go network’ was misleading because the ad excluded tariffs which were cheaper or the same price as Fresh, and the ASA agreed.

The watchdog said: ‘We told Carphone Warehouse to include all relevant tariffs in comparisons in future similar ads.’

Carphone Warehouse said it had stopped running the ad and had switched the claim to ‘Our best value pay as you go network’.



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