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The camera which slims you

It takes a picture and takes off the pounds

They say the camera never lies but the latest offering from HP does just that by slimming you down at the touch of a button.

The £200 camera has a ‘slimcam’ setting which works by squeezing the picture in the middle – so the main object in the centre looks thinner – and widening the edges of the picture slightly to maintain the perspective.

The HP Photosmart R727 has an aluminum casing and is no bigger than a deck of cards. It comes complete with HP’s Design Gallery, which includes ten different border effects, 12 different filters and four colour effects to help personalise images.

HP Photosmart

The camera is not the first HP Photosmart model to feature the slimming function. The Photosmart R927 can also slim photo subjects. Which? has tested this model, and the results will be published in our September issue.

The R727 has hit the headlines after being highlighted in a range of products claimed to be ‘female-friendly’ by electrical chain Comet. Other items picked out by the company’s Gadget Angels include a phone that can predict when a woman will ovulate and personal organisers for those with a busy schedule.

A Comet spokeswoman said: ‘Who hasn’t looked at a photo of themselves and wished they could airbrush off a few pounds? Our Gadget Angels team set out to find user-friendly technology which could make this a practical, affordable reality for everyone – not just celebrities and models.’

Centre the subject

Which? Researcher Lizzy Payne said: ‘The slimming function is a fun edit feature that shows just how much digital cameras can do now. If you plan to use this setting, make sure you position the person you’re photographing in the centre of the picture and think about how the objects at the edge would look if they were slightly fatter.

‘For example an avenue of slightly fat trees at the edge of the frame will probably look OK because tree trunks come in lots of different shapes and sizes but a car might look a little strange if it were slightly stretched out.’



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