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‘Ban school run’ to end traffic jams

Traffic jam woes and how sat-nav can help


Almost 70 per cent of Britons want the school run banned in a bid to ease the growing congestion on UK roads, a survey from which.co.uk found.

Traffic congestion makes motorists late nearly five times a month, and about 20 per cent of peak-hour traffic in term time is due to the school run.

Our survey of almost 1,000 people also found that a quarter of Britons think the best solution is a limit of one car per household.

One way to avoid jams is by using a satellite navigation (sat-nav) system. These are particularly helpful when there’s an exceptional hold-up, such as an accident or road works.

Satellite navigation

Sat nav is already used by 12 per cent of drivers and this figure is set to rise significantly.

We’ve tested sat-nav systems currently on the market and five – costing between £270 and £900 – have been awarded Which? Best Buy status.

Which? website editor Malcolm Coles said: ‘Although sat nav can help avoid queues, it can’t banish jams. On some roads congestion is so endemic that the systems are not alerted. And sometimes there is no reasonable alternative route available.’

Other findings from our traffic congestion survey found that almost half of people want to see cheaper public transport. A third want to ban 4×4 cars at peak time while  a quarter want people who drive with no passengers at rush hour to pay a charge.

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