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Travel tips for parents

Our guide to making the most of your break

Holiday Which? has drawn up some handy survival tips to make it easier for parents travelling with a young family.

Our experts have looked at some of the factors you need to consider when travelling with kids in tow, and how to travel safely if you’re a mum-to-be.

The Holiday Which? ‘Honey, I brought the kids’ report looks at everything from where children can sit on a plane, to baggage allowances and passport requirements.

Our top tips for a hassle-free holiday include:

  • take moist wipes, drinks, snacks and a change of clothing, all of which are essential on the journey. Sit in an easily accessible seat if possible
  • try to ensure your hand luggage is kept to a minimum in order to keep your hands free, and sacrifice your own things for what your child might need
  • ration distractions such as books and crayons throughout the journey, producing a new treat when boredom beckons. Also, take one favourite toy in your hand-luggage to minimise the risk of cherished toys getting lost
  • attach a luggage label to your child’s clothing with their flight number and name on it so the kids don’t get lost
  • stick to your normal meal and nap routine as much as possible, even if this means sacrificing activities. Make long journeys, particularly by car, coincide with nap times.

The report also lists some useful books and websites to help you have a happy family holiday.

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