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BT launches virtual vault

Users can store important files and photos online

 BT has launched a new service which allows broadband users to store their important files and photographs in an ‘online vault’.

Customers can keep movies, music, emails and documents in the virtual deposit box – called BT Digital Vault.

A basic version is free and a more comprehensive one costs £4.99 a month.

BT says the vault will allow users to protect their digital valuables against PC crashes, theft or accidental deletion.

BT Retail’s Gavin Patterson said: ‘More than half of PC owners now store their photos on their PCs. To lose this information in the event of a crash or a theft would be devastating. The beauty of BT Digital Vault is that it is very safe and very simple to use.  All you need is a broadband connection, your username and password and we do all the rest.’

BT Digital Vault

BT Digital Vault Basic, which is free, allows users to manually upload files. Users signing up now get 2GB storage capacity until next January when it reduces to 1GB although BT Broadband customers will still get 2GB.

A more comprehensive system – BT Digital Vault – costs £4.99 a month and automatically backs up files. Customers choose which computer folders they want to back up once and the system will then automatically backup the files each time they are changed or more files added.

BT Digital Vault is available to everyone and has a 20GB storage capacity and anyone signing up before January 8, 2007 gets the first two months free.

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