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Neighbours battle over parking spaces

Scarce spaces spark increase in parking rage


Car parking sign


The increasing scarcity of parking places in British streets is behind the increase in ‘parking rage’ between neighbours, it’s been claimed.

More than ten per cent of the 2,500 motorists polled insurance company Direct Line admitted going to extreme lengths to secure a parking space.

Some irate drivers had deliberately blocked in their neighbours car in retaliation while others have used rubbish bins and traffic cones to bag a parking space.

Sixty per cent of residents told pollsters they get annoyed when other motorists pinch their parking spot, while 27 per cent believe the space outside their home is automatically theirs and no one else should park there.

Moved house

The survey also revealed that almost 20 per cent of homeowners have left a letter of complaint on a neighbour’s windscreen, with six per cent of householders in southern England actually moving home because of the problems.

And while almost ten per cent admitted bumping into a parked car in the last five years, 40 per cent then drove off without leaving details.

Direct Line spokeswoman Emma Holyer said: ‘Parking is a major issue for today’s motorists. We are all fed-up of paying excessive charges for parking in town or at work and then coming home to find we can’t park anywhere near home.

‘Local authorities seem quick to fine anyone who has parked illegally in town but when it comes to residential areas, they are unaware of the problems motorists face.’

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