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Samsung’s new 10 megapixel camera phone

But it's currently only available in Korea

Korean electronics giant Samsung has launched the world’s first 10 megapixel (Mp) camera phone.

But there are no indications if or when the B600 mobile phone will be on sale in the UK. Most phones sold in the UK currently feature less than 3Mp.

The B600 is styled to look like a conventional digital still camera from one side and a mobile phone from the other. Its zoom lens is similar to those in digital still cameras

TV facility

The B600, which also has mobile TV capability and an MP3 player, incorporates an autofocus designed to help users capture clear, crisp photos, including in a dark setting.

The mobile phone – which will initially be on sale in Korea for around £500 –  also has a feature whereby users can connect their phones to their televisions to view still or moving pictures.

Which? mobile phones expert Mike Briggs said: ‘The B600 sounds like a huge leap in mobile phone functionality. We’ll be testing it if it ever reaches the UK.’

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