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Thomson sorry for ‘no loos’ cruise

Passengers report three days without toilets

Cruise ship in dock

Toilets broke on the Thomson Celebration last year

Plumbing problems on a luxury cruise ship left some passengers without toilets for three days and created ‘mayhem’ on board, it’s been reported.

Tour operator Thomson admitted there had been problems with a series of blockages on board its Destiny cruise ship but said these had now been cleared.

The ship, which is the largest in the Thomson fleet, is on a week’s voyage around the Canary Islands.

Passengers Derek and Lorraine Twigg, from West Yorkshire, said they’d been distressed at the plumbing problems.

Mrs Twigg, 51, said they’d been left without toilets for three days and without hot water for at least 24 hours and that there was ‘mayhem” on board the ship. She added that Mr Twigg’s sixtieth birthday had been ruined by the plumbing faults.

Thomson apology

A spokeswoman for Thomson said extra technicians had been sent on board and the cause of the problem had been fixed.

She said:‘The Thomson Destiny has had some problems with its plumbing system which, as a result, has affected some of the passenger cabins.

‘We believe the cause of the problem has now been fixed, and Monday was spent unblocking those toilets that were affected while the system was out of action. The ship will arrive in its next schedule port as planned. Thomson apologises to any of its customers that have been affected by this.’

Thomson Celebration

This is not the first time Thomson has hit the headlines for blocked toilets on a cruise. In May 2005, the Thomson Celebration suffered a plumbing disaster when 230 toilets wouldn’t flush.

Which? last year exposed problems with food hygiene on certain cruise ships. Inspectors had expressed little confidence in the overall food safety controls on the Celebration before her maiden voyage; Thomson said controls had since been put in place.

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