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UK losing billions on wasted energy

UK named worst in Europe at saving energy

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Consumers in the UK are the worst in Europe when it comes to saving energy, a new survey has found.

It’s been commissioned to mark the start of Energy Saving Week and experts are warning that unless we change our energy habits we’ll have wasted £11 billion by 2010.

The survey of the energy habits of 5,000 Europeans found that 71 per cent of UK consumers leave devices on standby at least once a week. That alone costs the average household £37 a year.

And 65 per cent leave their chargers plugged in at least once a week – almost three times as often as German consumers. Across the UK, mobile phone chargers left plugged in waste more than £60 million and are responsible for 250,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide every year.

Carbon dioxide

As a nation, UK households use £1.9 billion worth of electricity every year on lighting but more than 60 per cent of us also forget to switch lights off when leaving the room.

However Britons believe that there are things which could be done to help curb their energy habits. Over half of those surveyed said they would support the government introducing ‘environmental health’ warnings on products that are not energy efficient and cause a high level of carbon dioxide emissions.

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