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Motorists switch from cars to buses

Drivers cite fuel costs and green concerns

Cars in a traffic jam

High petrol prices and concerns over the environment means more motorists are switching from their cars to buses, it was claimed today.

A survey from transport infrastructure company Trueform says that about 30 per cent of people cite rising fuel prices are causing them to look at ways of reducing car usage.

It also revealed that  23 per cent are looking to use their cars less because they are worried about motoring’s impact on the environment.

Bus services seem to be the main benefactor of this change.

Bus services

Forty six per cent of the 2,507 people surveyed said they were using buses the same amount or more frequently than they did two years ago.

Of those using buses more, 35 per cent cited the relatively low cost of fares as the main reason for favouring buses over other modes of transport, with 26 per cent saying they liked bus travel’s environmental credentials.

Trueform Technical Director Jonathan Morley said: ‘While government attempts to encourage people to leave their cars at home have generally not had a large impact, this study suggest that when car use starts to hit people in their pockets or taps their social consciousness, then change can and will be initiated.

‘It is encouraging to see that so many people are looking at bus travel as a viable and greener alternative to the private car.’

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