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Nintendo recalls millions of Wii straps

controller straps break due to 'excited' gamers


Nintendo Wii

Games giant Nintendo has recalled 3.2 million straps for its popular Wii computer game controllers following a stream of reports they were flying out of the hands of overzealous players.

Nintendo announced earlier this month that it was investigating reports of problems with a strap that secures the machines’ wandlike remote-controller to the player’s wrist.

Players hold the remote to mimic the motions of a tennis racket, golf club or sword, depending on the game.

But soon after the Wii went on sale last month, people started reporting cases of the controller’s strap breaking as they waved it about vigorously.

Stronger straps

Nintendo will allow customers to exchange the old straps for a beefed up strap, company spokesman Yasuhiro Minagawa said.

He added: ‘People tended to get a bit excited, especially while playing Wii sports and in some cases the control would come loose from their hands. The new strap will be almost twice as thick.’

The worldwide recall is expected to cost the company several million pounds.

The Wii – which costs £179 – debuted in the UK last Friday and has been a huge hit across the globe, with gamers clamouring to snap them up.

Global hit

Nintendo has also recalled 200,000 AC adapters for its DS and DS Lite consoles in Japan. However it said the recall would not affect adapters overseas.

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