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Action taken against slimming chocolate

It promised dieters the weight would fall off

A ‘miracle’ slimming chocolate which promised dieters they would lose at least 20lbs in 20 days will no longer be marketed in the UK.

The government stepped in after Hong Kong based Global DM Licensing sent out mailings claiming the more ‘Slim-Choc’ you ate, the more weight you’d lose.

The company said Slim-Choc had been developed following decades of research and was based on the medical theory of ‘negative calories’.

It said this was where certain foods were so healthy that the body used up more calories and energy digesting them than they contain.

‘Negative calories’

The mailings described how some women had lost up to 72lbs in just over three months, and recommended people spend £37 on a 40 day supply of Slim-Choc.

The Office of Fair Trading (OFT) said it contacted Global DM Licensing over the ‘potentially misleading claims’ and asked for evidence to back them up.

The company said that while it believed the claims could be substantiated, it accepted the OFT’s concerns and had decided to stop any further Slim-Choc advertising campaigns in the UK.

Christine Wade, OFT Assistant Chief Executive for Consumer Advice and Trading Standards said: ‘After the Christmas festivities, many of us would welcome miracle weight loss and could easily be tempted in this case. Unfortunately the only pounds people are likely to lose are from their wallets.’

Consumers who are unsure about claims being made in mailings for ‘miracle’ products can contact Consumer Direct for clear, practical advice on 08454 04 05 06 or visit the Consumer Direct website before they part with any money.

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