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Burger King rapped over Whopper ad

TV burger appears to be larger than life

Fast food chain Burger King was criticised today for giving a ‘misleading impression’ of the size of its Double Whopper burger in an advert.

Three people complained the burger in the TV ad appeared larger than those actually sold in the restaurants.

The ad, which featured side-on shots of the Double Whopper, also showed a man singing about his preference for Double Whoppers, before joining other Whopper fans who raised banners saying ‘Eat this meat’ and ‘I am man’.

Burger King said that although the Double Whopper shown in the ad was produced in a studio rather than in a restaurant, it was made in the same way as those made in outlets. It said no special effects other than studio lighting were used when photographing the product.

‘Overall height’

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) bought Double Whoppers from two Burger King restaurants in central London to investigate the size of the burgers.

It said: ‘Although the ones we purchased consisted of two burgers, as in the ad, the thickness of the burgers, the quantity of the additional fillings (such as salad) and the subsequent overall height of the product was considerably less than was shown in the ad.’

The ASA ruled that the ad breached the industry code’s clauses relating to misleading advertising and implications. It said the ad must not be shown again until the ‘misleading impression of the size and composition of the product’ is corrected.

It did not uphold complaints that the ad encouraged people to eat too much unhealthy food or that it associated eating lots of meat with masculinity.


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