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M&S recall kettles and rattles over safety fears

Three scalded when kettle handle fell off

High street chain Marks & Spencer is recalling thousands of kettles and children’s rattles following a safety scare.

It is asking customers to return more than 3,700 glass and stainless steel kettles after three people were scalded when the handle fell off.

It is also asking customers to bring back 26,000 light-up rattles after customers complained that the battery compartment had become detached and could cause a young child to choke. No one is thought to have been injured by the toy.

A spokeswoman for the company said nine customers had complained about the kettles after the handle became detached from the main body.

She said the problem only becomes apparent over a period of use.

Broken handles

The kettles, which cost £39.50, were on sale in about 130 stores from July 2005 to July 2006. They were also available online and in some franchise stores but are no longer sold.

The complaints were all received between September 2006 and 28 December.

None of the injured people required hospital treatment, the spokeswoman said.

She added that there was no danger of any other kettles the company stocked having similar problems as their handles are integrated into the main body of the product.

The kettles, which are made in China, were supplied by a company called Pifco.

Rattle complaints

Marks & Spencer is also recalling the children’s rattles following three complaints from customers in the past two weeks.

The rattles, which cost £5 each, have been on sale in about 300 shops since August 2006. They were also available online and in franchise stores but have now been withdrawn from sale.

The rattles are also manufactured in China and are supplied by a company called Tigerprint.

Three years ago Marks & Spencer withdrew a Noah’s Ark wooden toy supplied by the same company.


A spokeswoman said they were investigating both products to find out what caused the faults.

‘All products are rigorously tested and we are conducting an investigation to establish how this happened,’ she said.

‘They are tested to British Safety Standards and in addition we also do life tests which require the kettle to be filled, boiled and emptied by picking it up by the handle 10,000 times.’

Customers can return the kettles and rattles to any Marks & Spencer store, except Simply Food outlets, where they will receive a full refund.

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