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More than half of households are online

And three quarters have a mobile phone


More than half of all UK households have the internet at home according to the latest government figures.

Data from the Office for National Statistics shows 65 per cent of UK households own a home computer and 55 per cent have an internet connection.

But there are large variations depending on household income. In the highest income group 95 per cent own a computer and 93 per cent are connected to the internet.

But in the lowest income group less than one in three families own a computer and just 17 per cent are connected to the net.

Mobile phones

More than three quarters of UK households own a mobile phone but this drops to just over half for households in the lowest income group.

The Family Spending report for 2006 also shows that the cost of living for the average UK household was £443 a week in 2005/06, up £9 a week on the previous year.

Train fares and transport were the biggest expense for families, costing on average £62 a week, while £45 a week is spent on food and non-alcoholic drink.

Cost of living

The statistics also show Londoners spend the most each week, with weekly expenditure of £500 over the past three years. Households in the North East have the lowest cost of living, spending £352 a week.

The ONS polled nearly 7,000 households across the UK for the Expenditure and Food survey.

The body, which oversees national statistics, has been surveying family spending since the 1950s.

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