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Post services lead complaints list

Consumers say postal services worse than banks

Consumers are more unhappy with postal services than with their banks, broadband providers and mobile phone companies, according to a new Which? survey.

Junk mail leads the list of concerns among the 1,029 people surveyed followed by post office closures, missing post and long queues.

Less than one in five happy with Royal Mail

Only 16 per cent of people surveyed say they are very satisfied with Royal Mail services, and 28 per cent very satisfied with Post Office services.

Which? advises people to take the following action to improve their postal service:

  • Register with the Mail Preference Service to reduce addressed junk mail by up to 95 per cent.
  • Include a return address on mail to reduce the risk of it going missing.
  • If you have a complaint about lost, damaged or delayed post, ask for a compensation claim form at your post office.
  • All post office closures are subject to public consultation, so if you are concerned about the closure of your local post office then make sure your voice is heard. You can also contact the consumer watchdog for postal services, Postwatch.

Which? Editor Neil Fowler said: ‘In most cases, if you are unhappy with a service provider you can easily switch to another one, but postal services are the exception to this rule with a real lack of choice available. There are ways in which you can improve the service you receive, by taking steps to reduce junk mail and claiming compensation where applicable.

‘Most worrying is the closure of so many post offices and the impact this has on communities, particularly in rural areas. We wait to see the effect of the government’s latest proposals, but in the meantime our advice if you are concerned about local closures is to contact Postwatch, to voice your views.’

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