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Skin cream ad criticised by watchdog

No proof product could 'lift skin' says ASA


An advert which claimed an Avon cream could ‘lift’ skin has been banned for misleading consumers.

The catalogue ad for Avon’s cream compared the product to having cosmetic surgery, leading readers to ‘expect an alternative option to a face lift’, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) said today.

But it warned there was no proof the cream was any more effective than a moisturiser.

It found the advert for the Thermafirm product breached rules relating to truthfulness, substantiation, health and beauty products and therapies, ageing and rejuvenation, and cosmetics.

‘Alternative to surgery’

Avon’s ad for the skin cream said: ‘Take action with the at home alternative to surgery. The new wave in face lifts.’

It went on to say that ‘a thermal face lift is too expensive’.

The ASA said the ad misleadingly compared the cream ‘to a surgical procedure or a thermal face lift performed using non-invasive radio frequencies’.

It said: ‘We understood that the evidence did not show the product could ‘lift’ skin as claimed.’

Diagrams in the ad ‘misleadingly implied’ the product had a physiological effect, it added.

The watchdog said the ad should not appear again in its current form.

Avon argued that the claim for ‘tighter, firmer, more lifted skin’ was supported by the results of a home use consumer test and said it had not implied Thermafirm was equal to a thermal face lift or that its results were permanent.


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