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Tourists urged to protect against malaria

Thousands at risk of contracting the disease


Two thousand British holiday-makers are at risk of contracting malaria this year and as many as a dozen could die from the disease, Holiday Which? warns today.

Malaria can be caught in over 100 countries worldwide and it’s estimated that around two million British travellers will be exploring areas where the disease is rife.

To avoid becoming a fatal statistic, travellers should visit a GP or travel clinic to fully understand the risks. 

Disease prevention

Holiday Which? recommends an ABCD of prevention:

  • Awareness of the risks, incubation period and symptoms
  • Bites should be avoided
  • Complete the course of antimalarial drugs
  • Diagnosis needs to be prompt

Holiday Which? Editor Lorna Cowan said: ‘More and more people are jetting off on long-haul holidays to areas where malaria is rife – it’s vital that you speak to your GP, or a travel clinic, and protect yourself against malaria.’

Protection tips

In order to stay safe follow these Holiday Which? top tips for protection:

  • mosquitoes are most active from dusk till dawn so make sure that’s when you cover up 
  • for anything that can’t be covered, splash on a repellent that contains the active ingredient Deet
  • don’t use perfumes, scented soaps and deodorants – they can make you tastier to mosquitoes
  • request a screened hotel room and make sure you spray the room thoroughly with a knockdown insecticide
  • plug-in pyrethrum vaporisers add an extra layer of defence, as do mosquito nets
  • both the Health Protection Agency and World Health Organisation advise pregnant women to avoid travelling to areas where they’re at risk from malaria.

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