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Bid to ban junk food ads before 9pm

Moves to tackle childhood obesity 'epidemic'

A bid to put a 9pm watershed on junk food TV adverts has been launched in the House of Lords.

Labour peer Baroness Thornton introduced the Television Advertising (Food) private members Bill, which aims to curb obesity and boost children’s health.

It would end television advertising for high fat, salt and sugar (HFSS) foods before 9pm.

And in an effort to control advertising for brands associated with HFSS food, the Bill restricts advertising of food “ranges” with these items in them.

Obesity epidemic

Lady Thornton said it would ‘make a substantial contribution towards improving children’s health and stopping the childhood obesity epidemic’.

She added: “Parents and children are clear that they want a break from the torrent of advertising for less healthy food.”

Which? food campaigner Miranda Watson said: ‘Parents are fed up with junk food advertising on TV that undermines their efforts to give their children a balanced diet. A 9pm watershed is the only way to stop unhealthy foods being advertised during the times most children are watching TV.’


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