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Concern over car ‘black box’ scheme

Motoring groups express worry over the technology


Cars in a traffic jam

Motoring groups expressed concern today about a possible government plan to install satellite tracking systems in cars to curb speeding drivers.

Trials of a scheme are taking place at Leeds University and involve black-box transmitters in cars to monitor driving and record any breach of the speed limit.

Using a national database, the speed limit for any road would be automatically communicated to the black box.

The plan has been attacked by the Conservatives as well as the Association of British Drivers, which has led the opposition to speed cameras and road pricing.

The RAC Foundation also spoke today of its fears for the scheme, which is known as Intelligent Speed Adaptation.

Black box

Its Executive Director Edmund King said: ‘In the trial, a small fleet of family cars has been fitted with devices that slow the car down when the speed limit is reached.

‘The potential problem is that if the driver gives up too much of his control and concentration to a black box, then he could just mentally switch off and could get into an accident.

‘We do have fears about this kind of technology and would be worried if it was made compulsory.’

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