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Green health check for cars

Scheme aims to promote greener driving


Cars in a traffic jam

The UK’s first free environmental ‘health check’ scheme for petrol fuelled cars has been launched – with the aim of promoting ‘greener’ driving.

The environmental ‘car surgeries’ initiative is being run by Target Neutral and Kwik-Fit.

Targetneutral is a voluntary, non-profit making partnership initiative from BP which aims to neutralise carbon dioxide (Co2) emissions from driving.

Drivers can take advantage of the 10-minute free check at any Kwik-Fit centre until 3 March.

Carbon neutral

The four-point ‘Green Light’ health check on vehicles looks at exhaust emissions, emission control systems, tyre pressure and battery levels – all of which can effect CO2 levels.

Motorists can then visit targetneutral.com to access a free online carbon calculator which will work out the amount of CO2 their driving actually produces.

If they wish, they can then neutralise the impact their driving has on the environment – the average annual cost is just £20 a year.

They can log on to targetneutral.com and follow a simple procedure to help calculate the number of litres of fuel used each year and the CO2 emissions generated.

CO2 reduction

The financial contribution needed to buy the CO2 reduction to neutralise the emissions is calculated. Money generated by targetneutral goes towards independent CO2 reduction projects including alternative and renewable energy.

Existing projects include a biomass energy plant and a wind farm in India and an animal waste management and methane capture programme in Mexico.

And by registering their Nectar card, motorists trigger a BP contribution every time they use their card when buying fuel at a BP forecourt.

Targetneutral spokesman Sheila Williams said: ‘This nationwide scheme gives motorists easy access to practical environmental car health advice and helps them understand how small adjustments to their cars can have a big impact on reducing their CO2 emissions.’

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