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New Marmite flavoured with Guinness

Latest version of savoury spread tastes less salty

A new version of Marmite flavoured with Guinness is to launch in the UK.

Its flavour is described as less salty and less meaty than the original savoury spread.

Guinness Marmite is made with a strain of yeast used to make the Irish drink.

No alcohol

The spread is traditionally made using a blend of different brewer’s yeasts.

Some 300,000 jars of the black-coloured Guinness Marmite will go on sale from this weekend.

The spread’s brand manager, Cheryl Calverley, said: “This is the most unusual innovation in the history of Marmite.”

There is no alcohol in the new spread, which will be sold in 250g jars priced at around £2.49.

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