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Robinsons squash to be more natural

Artificial colours and flavours taken out

All artificial colours and flavours are to be removed from Robinsons squash drinks.

Soft drinks firm Britvic which owns the brand, said it would be the first squash manufacturer to make the change.

The additive-free Robinsons fruit squash, fruit and barley, high juice and barley water launch in July.

They will contain more natural ingredients to replace the artificial flavours and colours.

Natural ingredients

Britvic announced the launch of a new £7.5 million production line which means it can make drinks without preservatives.

Spokesman Julian Mears said: “There is a massive consumer move towards health and well-being and and also towards naturalness. People want to consume more natural ingredients and have less artificial ingredients.”

Britvic is also launching three new preservative-free juice ranges this year under the Robinsons brand.

These are smooth juice, fruit shoot 100% juice, and the really wild drinks co. which is designed to appeal to teenagers.

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