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Supermarket adds health advice to alcohol

Sainsbury's brands will show recommended intake

A supermarket chain will show the maximum recommended alcohol intake on its own-brand drinks.

The Sainsbury’s scheme also shows how many units of alcohol per glass and per bottle its beer, wine and spirits contain.

The new labels include a warning to consumers to seek medical advice on alcohol and pregnancy.

Recommended intake

Sainsbury’s category manager for beers, wines and spirits Warren Anderson said the chain believed its scheme would raise awareness of the maximum recommended daily alcohol intake for men and women.

“We are pleased to be the first retailer to include this level of detail on labels to inform our customers and are confident it will help our customers to drink sensibly,” he said.

Bottles of own-label spirits with the new labels have already gone on sale.

The chain will roll out the new system across all its own-brand beers, wines and spirits.

Sainsbury’s has been showing units of alcohol per glass and per bottle on its own-brand wine for around six years.

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