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Website links shoppers to organic food

It allows shoppers to search for local produce


Organic Assistant screenshot

A new website has been launched which links shoppers to organic food suppliers across the UK.

OrganicAssistant.com includes more than 30,000 products from suppliers and allows shoppers to search for organic products near their home by postcode, type or retailer.

They can then store their shopping list for future reference and farmers, retailers and wholesalers can also use the site to find new suppliers and customers.

The site is the brainchild of former WH Smith sales executive Graham Crisford. He was converted to the benefits of organic food when he found it helped him to manage his ME (meningococcal encephalitis).

Organic food

He added: ‘I found that the quality of food I ate had an effect on my condition and began looking in earnest for organic food – but it was often hard to source precisely what I wanted.

‘That led to my beginning work on OrganicAssistant.com, which now has more than 30,000 entries in the database and is really a complete resource for finding organic food.’

Almost nine out of ten people in a recent Which? survey said they regularly or occasionally buy organic food, with fruit and veg the most popular items.

Concerns about pesticides, chemicals and the environment, plus the fact that it’s thought to be more natural and tastes better, were all reasons they gave for going for organics.

Price difference

At the same time we bought a basket of 11 own-brand or nearest equivalent items of food (organic, standard and economy ranges) in Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Waitrose on the same day in November last year.

Our organic shopping basket cost on average £22.54 and our standard basket cost £17.46, so switching from standard goods to organic cost around £5 in each of our stores.

But substituting the economy versions of some products in the basket reduced the cost to £12.69, so if you buy a lot of economy products, a switch to organic will hurt your pocket a lot more.

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