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Computing Which? gives its verdict on Vista

Testers found it isn't revolutionary

The Vista desktop screenshot

The Vista desktop

Consumers shouldn’t rush out and replace Windows XP with Microsoft Vista just yet, according to Computing Which?.

Its testers found that Microsoft Vista isn’t ‘revolutionary’ and could have a real impact on people’s time as well as their pockets.

The Home Premium package costs up to £220 in the UK, on top of which people might need to buy a new graphics card or extra memory if their PC is more than 18 months old.

In addition to installing the software, transferring old files and putting existing software onto a Vista-ready machine is time-consuming and some machines may also need to download an update for security software.

Windows XP

Most of the testers appreciated Aero, the graphical 3D interface, and the Windows sidebar which proved to be fun and easy to customise.  The Photo Gallery tool also proved useful, as did the search tool.

Of the new security features, the clarity of the User Account Control, which allows the administrator of the computer to set up accounts for each family member and control the types of websites and programs they install, was liked by testers.

Computing Which? Editor Abigail Waraker said: ‘Microsoft Vista has only just been released to the public and based on the experience of our testers there’s no need to rush out to replace Windows XP.

‘To save time and money, we’d advise consumers to wait a few months until Vista beds down before upgrading to Vista or considering replacing their PC.’

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