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Fruit juices help fight chronic disease

Purple grapes have the most antioxidants

Purple grape juice contains the most disease fighting chemicals of all the fruit juices, according to scientists.

Researchers at the University of Glasgow found that a glass of purple grape juice, made with Concord grapes, has the highest levels of antioxidants – chemicals that are said to play a role in protecting against chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Other high-ranking juices include cloudy apple juice and cranberry juice drink.

The study looked at different juices to see how much antioxidants called polyphenols they contained. Polyphenols are a very strong antioxidant which combat harmful free radicals in the body.

Antioxidant properties

Professor Alan Crozier, who led the study, said: ‘Not all fruit juices are the same.

‘Purple grape juice made with Concord grapes contains the highest and the broadest range of polyphenols as well as having the highest antioxidant capacity.

‘Supplementing a healthy diet with a regular intake of a variety of fruit juices such as purple grape juice, grapefruit juice, cloudy apple juice and cranberry juice, will, without major dietary changes, increase the consumer’s intake of phenolic antioxidants.

‘Dietary polyphenols through their antioxidant properties, and possibly other mechanisms, are believed to play a role in protecting against chronic diseases.’

The brands of juice tested were Welch’s Purple Grape Juice, Copella Cloudy Apple Juice and Ocean Spray Cranberry juice.


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