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Minister announces Blue Badge scheme reforms

Proposals will make system 'more consistent'

Parents whose toddlers rely on bulky medical equipment may soon be able to apply for disabled parking badges.

The proposal is one of several changes put forward by the government to the Blue Badge scheme.

It’s currently consulting on the plans which would come into force this September.

It’s proposing to extend the scheme so that it covers children under two who are dependent upon bulky medical equipment.

Thalidomide related disabilities

The changes would also mean that people with severe congenital disabilities in both arms would be covered by the scheme.

This would mean that all those with Thalidomide related disabilities would be eligible for a Blue Badge.

Transport Minister Gillian Merron has also announced a three month review of the scheme, which will contribute to a comprehensive reform strategy.

The government says this will help make the scheme fairer, more consistent, tougher on fraud and easier to understand.

Fraud clampdown

Gillian Merron said: ‘The Blue Badge scheme provides a vital lifeline to many disabled people in our communities. Without them, basic things like getting to work, going shopping or to the hospital for medical treatment would be much more difficult.

‘The changes we are proposing will help ensure that Blue Badges continue to meet the needs of disabled people. We want the people who need a badge to get one, and stamp out abuse of the scheme.’

The Blue Badge scheme provides parking concessions for people with severe walking difficulties and other disabilities.

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