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People still confused over digital radio

Survey shows some unaware of the benefits


More than a third of Which? members who own a DAB digital radio don’t know it can receive more stations than an analogue radio, according to a survey from Which? Online.

Currently, 89 per cent of people in Britain can get DAB radio, with 166 stations on both analogue and digital, and 50 more on DAB exclusively.

But our survey of almost 2,200 Which? online panel members found that 14 per cent of those who own both an analogue and DAB digital radio thought the radios offered the same choice of station, while 15 per cent actually thought you get a wider choice of stations on analogue radio.

A further 9 per cent didn’t know whether there was any difference in the choice of stations on offer.

Digital radio

Our survey found that 42 per of members have a DAB digital radio at home but there is still some uncertainty over whether they provide better reception than FM radios.

A fifth of the DAB digital radio owners in our survey thought there was no difference in reception, while one in eight said the reception was worse on their digital radio

Which? researcher Lizzy Payne said: ‘These results show that there’s still some confusion surrounding the benefits of owning a digital radio.

‘If you’re thinking of buying one read our reports so that you know what you’re getting and plump for a Best Buy to increase you chances of satisfaction.’

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