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Sales of new PlayStation ‘brisk’

But the games console is not expected to sell out


Sony PS3

Stores have reported brisk sales of the new PlayStation 3 (PS3) following its official UK launch at midnight.

Sony said a large volume of stock meant consoles should still be available over the weekend.

More than a thousand PS3s appeared on eBay this morning but many offered above the £425 retail price failed to sell.

Die-hard fans attended the console’s official UK launch at midnight in the Virgin Megastore on London’s Oxford Street.

Free TV

They were each rewarded with a £2,000 46-inch flat panel TV for free from Sony.

Sony spokesman Jonathan Fargher said 220,000 of the consoles had been shipped to the UK for today’s launch.

‘This is by far and away the largest stock allocation for any console launch there has ever been in the UK.

‘As a result of that, consumers who want to buy the PS3 should be able to pick one off the shelves on day one, and we are confident we can continue to meet consumer demand moving forward.’

The PS3 has gone head-to-head with Nintendo’s hugely successful Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

Blu-ray discs

The PS3’s European debut was pushed back by four months due to manufacturing problems with its integrated player for Blu-ray discs – the high-definition replacement for DVDs.

The console is designed to be a complete home entertainment system. It plays PlayStation games, Blu-ray discs, allows users to go online, and is compatible with digital cameras and MP3 players.

Oliver Pawley reviewed the PS3 for Which?. He said: ‘It is good but at the moment there are not many games which show what it can really do. Its full potential hasn’t been harnessed yet.

‘Also, unless you have a large high definition TV you’re not going to get the most out of it anyway.   

‘On the other hand, if you want to watch high definition movies on your high definition TV it’s a good way to get into that because the PS3 is cheaper than buying a stand alone Blu-ray player.’

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