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Shoppers developing taste for game

Venison proves biggest hit with meat eaters

Shoppers are developing a taste for meat such as venison, pheasant and grouse, a report out today says.

Sales of game rose by 46 per cent from 2004 to hit £57 million last year, according to market analysts Mintel.

The increase in the specialist meat compared to a sales rise of just 5 per cent over the same period for “everyday” red meat and poultry.

Low fat

Its low fat and cholesterol content is one factor behind the popularity upturn, the Game and Exotic Meat in the UK report says.

Mintel predicts sales of game meat will rise to £84 million by 2011.

It says the rising popularity of farmers’ markets and increased interest in local produce will fuel the trend.

Mintel senior market analyst David Bird said: ‘The market for game is growing strongly as we increasingly look for exciting, alternative flavours that fit with our renewed interest in good quality food. But game also has a surprising fan in health conscious Brits.’

Venison most popular

Venison is the most popular meat in the category, accounting for 47 per cent of sales.

Pheasant, partridge and grouse make up 31 per cent of game sales while other meat such as hare, rabbit and wild boar account for the rest.

Mintel defines game as grouse, guinea fowl, pheasant, partridge, wood pigeon, wild duck, venison, wild boar, rabbit, hare, snipe and woodcock.

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