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Tesco launches dieting online for men

Website will help overweight males shed pounds


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The number of men subscribing to an online dieting site has doubled in six months, figures showed today.

Tescodiets.com said the number of male subscribers to its site had gone up from 4,500 six months ago to 9,000.

It comes as its dieting website targeted at men – www.tescodiets.com/forhim – officially launches tomorrow.

‘Sensitive issue’

Alison Henbest, head of tescodiets.com, said: ‘Losing weight is a very sensitive issue for many men.

‘They have a completely different mindset, not least that they hate the word ‘diet’. There is also a lot of peer pressure for men to be ‘one of the guys’ and unfortunately losing weight appears to be a less-than-manly activity.

‘Online, however, men can lose weight in private without having to endure the embarrassment of the weekly weigh-in. It is not unusual for a woman to sign up to our service because she wants to look better in her bikini or little black dress, or slim into her dream wedding dress.

‘For men, the reasons are entirely different. Eighty per cent of our male subscribers are 40-plus and many have had a wake-up call with regards to their health.’

Alcohol and curry

‘Men-friendly’ meal plans have been specially created to allow moderate amounts of alcohol and the occasional curry or fry-up, she said.

Dr Colin Waine, Chairman of the National Obesity Forum, said: ‘I welcome the news that men are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of obesity on their health and are taking action to reduce their weight and improve their health, quality of life and longevity.’

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