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Women behind growth in off roaders

Big hike in numbers of women driving 4X4s

The growth of ‘Chelsea tractor’ 4×4 vehicles is being fuelled by women, it was revealed today.

Men with children are twice as likely to drive a 4×4 than they were 10 years ago, figures from car insurance company Diamond found.

But women with children are four times as likely to be behind the wheel of a 4×4 than they were 10 years ago, the company’s statistics showed.

And while men driving these off-roaders are most likely to be farmers, the top occupation for a woman 4×4 driver is a company director.

School run

Diamond also found that the number of 4x4s on the road has doubled since 1997.

The company’s managing director Sian Lewis said: ‘Some members of the public are critical of mums using their 4x4s on the school run, and these figures won’t do much to deflect this criticism.

‘It wasn’t a surprise to see an increase in the number of 4x4s being driven, but I wasn’t expecting to see such a big jump for women with children.’

She went on: ‘4x4s are seen as a practical way in which to ferry children around due to their size, and some people perceive them to be safer for passengers.

‘They can easily accommodate plenty of children and all the paraphernalia they attract in the same way that estate cars did 10 years ago.’

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