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DVD player to ‘end format confusion’

It'll play both Blu-Ray and HD DVDs


Man with a TV remote control.

The world’s first DVD player compatible with two rival disc formats is set to launch in the UK.

Called the Super Multi Blue, it plays both Blu-Ray and HD DVDs – the next generation replacements for DVDs.

Players for the two rival disc formats launched in the UK last year, prompting comparisons with the battle between Betamax and VHS.

The Super Multi Blue – also known as the BH100 – goes on sale next month with a recommended price of £999.

Rival formats

Daniel Aziz, Marketing Manager at manufacturer LG Electronics, said the launch would end confusion over the two rival DVD formats.

‘It gives consumers the freedom to watch either Blu-Ray or HD DVDs without being limited to only the films available on each individual format, or being forced to buy two separate players,’ he said.

LG Electronics said it was the first manufacturer to launch a ‘solution’ to the format wars.

The new machine’s software plays HD DVD discs and gives access to scene selection via the main menu.

Users won’t be able to access some HD DVD interactive menu features such as games. Blu-Ray discs can be played as usual.

LG Electronics said its new machine would initially go on sale at John Lewis and some other stores.

‘Juddery effect’

Which? technology expert Dave Holes said: We’ve not been impressed by what we’ve seen of high-definition DVD so far. A mismatch between the frame rate of the films stored on disc and the rate that the player outputs frames to the TV causes a jerky, juddery effect on motion or when the camera pans across a scene.

‘We haven’t tested this model but if it suffered from the same effect we couldn’t recommend it.’

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