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Firm recalls milkshake amid safety scare

Product pulled from shelves after complaints

Some 26,000 bottles of strawberry milkshake flavouring are being recalled in a safety scare.

The Silver Spoon Company received eight complaints about its Crusha milkshake mix.

Three of those were from people who said it caused vomiting.

Tests showed some samples of the liquid had the wrong acidity level which gave it an ‘off’ flavour and cloudy appearance.

In a statement, the Silver Spoon Company today said it ‘cannot be sure that this product will remain safe to consume and is therefore recalling it’.

Around 11,500 bottles have been pulled from Asda – the only store which stocked them.

Another 14,500 of the 740ml bottles are thought to be with consumers, according to the firm.

Low acidity levels

Crusha operations director John Powers said: ‘The health and safety of our consumers is our number one priority.

‘Since being made aware of this potential problem, all of the affected product has been withdrawn from sale.’

The customer complaints prompted tests which showed low acidity levels had made the strawberry flavoured Crusha more prone to microbiological growth.

This can cause a slight fizzing when the bottle is opened, a pungent smell, cloudy appearance or an ‘off’ flavour.

The Silver Spoon Company is urging anyone who has one of the strawberry flavoured Crusha products to return it to Asda for a full refund. It is carrying out further tests.

A Food Standards Agency spokesman said the watchdog was aware of the problem and the action the company was taking.

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