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Take the graft out of gardening

Gardening Which? helps make everyday tasks easier


Gardening should be fun so choose the right equipment to make everyday tasks easier, Gardening Which? says today.

Lack of time, energy and strength can make even the simplest of gardening jobs heavy going. 

But Gardening Which? can now reveal which gadgets and gizmos make everyday jobs easier.

For those who have trouble bending down, or who just don’t want to get their hands dirty, a grabber can collect anything from slugs to litter.  Gardening Which? recommends the Gardena Gripper, which is comfortable, easy to use and good value at £13.


It’s surprising how many gardening tasks involve moving things from A to B – a gardener with a bad back really suffers from the impact. 

Gardening Which? found that the twin-wheeled barrow Haemmerlin 4031G Garden Twin Wheel did the trick – lightweight and easy to push, it also has pneumatic wheels to make moving even easier.

For pain-free pruning, testers looked at secateurs designed to cut with less effort.  The Gardena Comfort Secateurs 200 VC suits right- and left-handers and almost all hand sizes.  With a comfortable handle that contains a rubber buffer to reduce barring they came out top in the test, and are particularly good for those with a weak hand or small grip.

Top tips

Gardening Which? has the following tips to keep the graft out of gardening:

  • cut down on weeding by covering the soil surface with plants or a mulch to smother weeds
  • do less watering by being selective and opting for drought-tolerant plants – this will help the environment too
  • choose hassle-free bedding and perennials and avoid plants that need deadheading, staking or spraying
  • pick out the shrubs and climbers that thrive without pruning and without taking over your garden
  • cut down on how long you spend mowing by simplifying the shape of your lawn

Richard Gianfrancesco, Head of Research at Gardening Which?, said: ‘Gardening should be a fun and relaxing hobby – not a chore.

‘We’ve looked at the best products to take the graft out of gardening – whether you suffer from a bad back, arthritis, or just don’t want to get your hands dirty, there’s a solution to keep gardening simple.’

For details on how to receive three issues of Gardening Which? for £3, telephone 01992 822800 or visit us online.

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