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TV ad campaign targets car emissions

Government attempts to get drivers to go greener


A series of television advertisements to help motorists reduce their impact on the environment are to be screened from tonight.

The ads give drivers simple tips to lessen fuel consumption and therefore reduce carbon emissions, and are part of the Department for Transport’s ‘Act on CO2’ campaign.

They will be screened in primetime slots over the next three weeks.

The DfT said UK drivers could reduce their carbon emissions by 8 per cent, or more than 5.5 million tonnes, by following the tips and could save more than £2 billion of fuel a year.

Environmental damage

Transport minister Gillian Merron said: ‘The adverts being seen for the first time tonight aim to drive home the message that we can all make a lasting impact on the environment by driving smarter.

‘Put quite simply, the way we drive can help everyone do their bit to tackle carbon emissions and climate change and by using less fuel we can save money too.’

The top smarter driving tips are:

  • pump up to cut down on CO2. Under-inflated tyres mean more CO2 so make sure your tyres are pumped up correctly
  • do not over rev the engine. Change up a gear a little earlier when you can
  • less clutter in your car means less CO2. The less weight you carry in your car, the easier it is for your engine and the less fuel it uses.

The Transport Direct website, which provides online journey planning information to travellers, has also been updated to give fuel consumption and carbon emissions figures for individual car journeys according to engine size.

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