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Massive backing for smoking ban

Almost eight out of ten support new curbs


A new survey reveals that 77-per-cent of people back the moves to curb smoking in public places.

Legislation banning smoking in most public enclosed spaces comes into force in England on 1 July.

Similar legislation is already in force in Scotland and Wales.

But while some feared the ban could hit pubs the Office of National Statistics survey seems to suggest otherwise.

Pubs and restaurants

Fifteen per cent of adults in England and Wales said the ban would make them visit pubs more often, while just 8 per cent said they would visit less often.

The figures also show that around 90 per cent of people favour smoking restrictions in restaurants, 85 per cent favoured restrictions in work places and 66 per cent in pubs.

Just over 60 per cent said they don’t allow anyone to smoke in their homes and a similar number said they mind if other people smoked near them.

Health benefits

With just over a week until the ban comes into force in England, Public Health Minister Caroline Flint said: ‘A smokefree England will see the single biggest improvement in public health for a generation.

‘The scientific and medical evidence is clear – second-hand smoke is a killer. There is no safe level of exposure. This legislation means that thousands of lives will be saved and the health of everybody will be protected.

‘This new law will protect people from the harm of second-hand smoke whether they are working, socialising or relaxing.  Three quarters of people in England already choose not to smoke and almost three quarters of those who do smoke, say they want to give up. A smoke free England will help provide a supportive environment for those who want to quit.’

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