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Peg sales help washday blues turn green

Demand for washing lines soars too

Sales of clothes pegs are increasing for the first time since prompted their decline, a retailer said today.

Demand at Asda has soared more than 1,400 per cent year-on-year with more than 1.2 million sold in the first four months of this year.

It is the first upturn in nearly 50 years, the chain said.

Washing line sales have increased by 147 per cent compared to last year.

Washing lines

Asda’s laundry buyer Chris Burns said: ‘After decades of decline, the sight of a washing line full of drying clothes is becoming a familiar sight in gardens all over the country once again.

‘Thousands of people have now decided that the potential embarrassment of having their smalls on public display on a washing line is far less important than saving energy.’

The chain also reported a big rise in demand for the most energy-efficient types of washing machines.

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