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Phase out stand-by switches, urges retailer

More efficient products would support green agenda

A retailer has called for stand-by functions on electrical goods to be phased out.

DSG International wants manufacturers to support the ‘green agenda’ with more efficient product design.

The firm, whose stable includes Currys, dixons.co.uk and PC World, wants more sustainable materials to be used in consumer electronics.

Its calls follow a shift in consumer behaviour towards more energy efficient products, according to DSGi chief executive John Clare.

In a speech to the firm’s international supplier conference in London, Mr Clare called for closer collaboration between retailers and manufacturers on green issues.

Brown goods

He said ahead of the conference: ‘We must work together to offer more energy-efficient products, phase out – where possible – the stand-by function on electrical products, provide energy efficiency information to users – including energy efficient labelling for brown goods.’

Mr Clare said the launch of energy efficiency labelling on white goods – such as fridges – had prompted a change in people’s shopping patterns.

A similar scheme for ‘brown goods’ – such as consumer electronics – could have the same effect, Mr Clare said.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) said phasing out stand-by would be a positive step for consumers in the long term.

‘Households in the UK now spend around 10 per cent of their electricity bill on stand-by power and the average household wastes £37 each year by leaving appliances on standby,’ an EST spokeswoman said.

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