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Poll reveals teen binge drinking problem

And many claim to buy it using fake ID


3 wine bottles

Duty-free alcohol from other EU countries is unlimited if it’s for personal use

Thousands of teenage schoolchildren are going out binge drinking at least once a week, a new survey has revealed.

The Trading Standards poll found that 44 per cent of schoolchildren over 14 drink at least once a week.

But nearly a third of those are regular binge drinkers – downing five drinks or more at least once a week.


Just over half of these say they’ve become violent when drinking, while more than a fifth have regretted having sex while drunk.

One in 14 young people admitted using fake ID to buy alcohol – with half of them buying their ID from internet sites – and 45 per cent said they were never asked for ID whenever they bought alcohol.

The findings follow a survey of 12,000 schoolchildren across North West England.

Brenda Fullard, North West Alcohol Policy Co-ordinator for the Department of Health, said she was concerned at the health and social implications of the findings.

Health burdens

She added: ‘It is worrying that nearly a third of our young people are drinking large quantities of alcohol when underage, and then many of them are getting into fights, having unplanned sex or getting into cars with drivers who have been drinking.

‘Alcohol consumption is the biggest contributory factor to hospital admissions of children on weekend nights, causing huge burdens on our health services.’

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