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Search Yahoo! and Google at the same time

Compare search engine results side by side


Internet surfers can now browse two of the world’s largest search engines at the same time and compare the results side by side.

SearchBoth.co.uk allows people to search for something on Google and Yahoo! by placing both sites on a split screen.

The people behind the site say that online statistics show most English speaking countries such as the United States and the UK use either Google or Yahoo! as their main search engines.

A big percentage of these people go back and forth between both websites. This involves going to one site, looking at the page, finding what you are looking for then minimizing the page and going to the other website and doing the same thing.

Split screen

But while both sites show the same results, they often come up on different pages.

For example, some results may come up on Google’s first page while the same results could be on Yahoo!’s second, third or fourth page, or vice versa.

Last week it emerged that Google was the UK’s most popular website.

The search engine was found to be the most popular site in 13 of the 16 European countries surveyed, with Microsoft and Yahoo! the second and third most visited sites across the continent.

However, in the UK auction site eBay rather than Yahoo! is the third most popular site in the UK.

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