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Tour reps bear brunt of holiday grumbles

Three out of four have been verbally abused


A beach towel

Harassed holidaymakers are taking their frustrations out on tour reps, it was revealed today.

Three in four reps have been shouted at and verbally abused, a survey from Halifax Travel Insurance found.

A third have been physically threatened, with one rep being pushed into a hotel pool by an irate tourist.

Problems with accommodation top the list of grumbles with which reps have to deal. Other main complaints from tourists are noise and the quality of food.

Travel insurance

Reps reported having to find cures for jellyfish stings, llama bites and even an allergic reaction to a camel.

Two in three holiday reps had been forced to deal with situations where holidaymakers required medical treatment, but did not have travel insurance or a European health insurance card.

Paul Birkhead, Underwriting Manager for Halifax Travel Insurance, said: ‘Holiday reps have a difficult job juggling the various demands of holidaymakers, but they can be an invaluable resource if problems arise.

‘The first port of call when on holiday should always be your travel rep who will be a useful source of help, advice and handy contacts. However, we would urge holidaymakers to take details of their insurer on holiday in case they run into serious difficulties.’

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