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Vodafone and TomTom take on traffic jams

Tie-up will help motorists avoid congestion

Traffic jam

Fewer cars mean less traffic and pollution

Satellite navigation (sat-nav) company TomTom is joining forces with Vodafone to help motorists beat traffic jams.

The tie-up will see TomTom use information from the phone giant to give motorists ‘accurate, real-time information’ on the speed and direction of cars travelling on all major roads across the UK.

TomTom says this will give customers a better understanding of the exact traffic situation and allow them to instantly change their route to avoid congestion.

‘Major breakthrough’

Harold Goddijn, TomTom’s CEO, said: ‘This important development is a major breakthrough in mobility management and route guidance and will significantly benefit our customers. This will clearly improve the daily travel experience of our UK users.’

Details of the service will be made available when it’s launched during the first half of next year.

All current and future TomTom users will be able to benefit from the service, once it is available.

Fastest routes

Tim Stone, Director of New Business Development and Wholesale for Vodafone UK said: ‘Thanks to the quality of our data, UK drivers will soon be able to access up-to-the-minute traffic updates that will let them plan and navigate the fastest route for all their journeys.’

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