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Cost of wedding gifts soars

Scots are the most generous says survey

Brits spend a total of £6.7 billion on wedding gifts each year, a survey revealed.

The average price of a present is £43, with 46 per cent of people saying they spend more on gifts than two years ago.

As the average person attends 3.4 weddings a year, this equates to a annual bill of £146 per person.

Scots are the most generous when it comes to wedding gifts, splashing out an average of £49.13.

Northerners are the most stingy, spending an average of £40.79, according to the survey.

Family members

When the gift is for a close family member or best friend the amount spent rises to £70.

On the other hand, a fairly obscure acquaintance or colleague can expect to receive a gift worth only £23.

And despite the volume of money flying around there is still room for jealously, as 17 per cent of people think they spend more on others than is spent on them.

ICM interviewed more than 1,000 adults in June 2007. The survey was commissioned by Abbey.

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