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Google makes cookie concession

It will auto delete after two years inactivity


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Internet search giant Google has made a minor concession to privacy campaigners by announcing its cookies will auto delete after two years.

Cookies are small files stored on your computer to remind search engines and websites of your viewing preferences.

Google uses its cookies to remember what language people want their search results in, how many results they want displayed on a page and also whether to filter out adult content.

But Google’s cookies weren’t set to expire until 2038.

Privacy advocates

However, it says that after listening to feedback from users and privacy advocates, it’s decided to ‘significantly shorten the lifetime’ of its cookies.

It will soon start issuing cookies which will auto expire two years after your last visit to a Google site.

Which? technology expert Lisa Barber said: ‘This change in the way Google manages cookies is long overdue.

‘Although Google users were unlikely to keep using their current hard disk until 2038 and they can always delete cookies, it didn’t make sense that Google had set such a long expiration time.’

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