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Holiday hagglers save billions each year

Some say it's essential part of travel experience

Britons collectively save £3.5 billion a year by haggling while they are abroad, knocking an average of 23 per cent off the price of items they are buying, a survey showed.

Six out of 10 people said they bartered while they were on holiday, with 41 per cent claiming it is an essential part of the experience and 36 per cent saying they like getting into the spirit of things.

Just under half said they haggled abroad because they thought it was what was expected, and 17 per cent said arguing to lower the price of what they were buying came naturally to them, according to AA Insurance.

But, despite their enthusiasm for haggling while they are on holiday, only 18 per cent of people claim they regularly barter for things in the UK.


Four out of 10 people said they would feel too embarrassed to haggle at home, and 23 per cent said they would only do it if other people did.

Christian Young, director of AA Travel Insurance, said: ‘It’s great we’re saving so much each year by haggling on our holidays – it shows Brits have got what it takes to bag a bargain and get the best deal possible.

‘But when it comes to bartering back home, our stiff upper lip gets in the way.’


Men are more likely to haggle when they are abroad than women, with 68 per cent bartering compared with 53 per cent of women.

Around 65 per cent of people from London say they haggle while they are on holiday, something just 55 per cent of people from the Midlands and Wales do.

* YouGov questioned 1,965 people during July.

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