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Holidays are the latest status symbol

Many use them to impress friends and family


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Nearly a quarter of holidaymakers splash out on upgrades so they can brag to their friends, but many tourists still fib about their overseas trips, it was revealed today.

As many as 22 per cent of holidaymakers spend an average of £300 each to secure flight, hotel and hire-car upgrades, a survey from Halifax Travel Insurance showed.

Tourists from Greater London spend the most (£553) on such upgrades, while those in the north east of England and Yorkshire and Humberside fork out the least (£112).

The top holiday fib is the quality of weather abroad, with 9 per cent telling lies about glorious sunshine that did not, in fact, materialise.

Hollywood celebrities

Also, 6 per cent are less than honest about how they have kept in trim during their break away.

Around 12 per cent of Britons are envious of the places their friends visit, but 67 per cent are turned off by people bragging about how much they have spent on their trip.

Paul Birkhead of Halifax Travel Insurance, said: ‘Millions of Britons are purchasing holidays to impress their peers at work and at home. Holidays have become the new Rolex or Porsche, a status symbol used to impress friends, family and colleagues.

‘Many Britons even feel the need to tell tales of meeting Hollywood celebrities and rock stars to impress their friends.’

These are the things holidaying Britons are most likely to fib about:

  • Quality of the weather
  • Bargain clothing buys
  • Restaurants visited
  • Class of hotel
  • Cost of holiday purchases
  • Weight-loss abroad
  • Resorts visited
  • Beauty of natural landmarks
  • Holiday romances
  • Celebrities encountered.

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