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Phone for ‘older generation’ to go on sale

It has a large screen and easy to use buttons


Older phone

An easy to use mobile phone designed specifically for the older generation goes on sale in the UK this week.

The Emporia Life is described as a ‘no-nonsense, back-to-basics alternative’ to the plethora of tiny, feature packed phones flooding the market.

It has a large screen and display, oversized and easy to use buttons, and a super loud speaker and ring volume.

The phone also has a powerful vibration alert to ensure the owner knows when someone is calling.

Emergency button

It has an orange backlight to help people with sight problems, and the phone has added features for those with hearing difficulties and is compatible with digital hearing aids.

The Emporia Life also has a unique emergency button on the back of the phone.

By pushing the large red button it can call up to five designated numbers for help and can also be programmed to send off a pre-written text to another mobile phone asking for assistance.

The Emporia Life is now available directly from Communic8 Ltd on a Vodafone Pay as you Talk package at £169.99.

Which? researcher Jon Barrow said: ‘It’s great to see that at least one manufacturer has recognised that Britain has an ageing population and that many people want simple, practical mobile phones rather than handsets crammed with extra functions they’ll never use.’

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