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Scots ‘most likely to have personal number plates’

But they’re not such a hit with Londoners

London languishes last in a list of places where personalised number plates are popular, it was revealed today.

Those keenest on special car plates are the Scots, with Aberdeen drivers sporting the most personalised numbers, a survey from insurance company Admiral found.

The Scottish towns of Falkirk, Kilmarnock, Dumfries and Motherwell all featured in the top six places for personalised plates.

In contrast, south east London drivers are least keen on special plates, with east Londoners and those living in central London also finding personalised plates a turn-off.

The survey also showed that those living in south east and south west England do not find personalised plates to their liking.

BMW and Mercedes

Haulage contractors, dental surgeons and shop proprietors are most likely to have special numbers, with BMW M5s and Mercedes CLs the vehicles most likely to sport personalised plates.

Those aged 50-59 were keenest on personalised plates, with 17-21-year-olds the least keen.

Admiral managing director Sue Longthorn said: ‘I think the reason Aberdeen has come top for personalised plates is the fact that it’s Europe’s oil capital. There are a lot of wealthy people in the city and they want to display their wealth through the cars they drive.

‘More surprising is just why these number plates are so popular in the rest of Scotland.’

She went on: ‘The list of occupations suggest that private plates are still more popular with the wealthy, but they are becoming more available to all motorists.

‘What is interesting to note is that on the whole it is still men who have them: 41 per cent more men than women are likely to have a personalised number plate on their car.’

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